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Organise your desktop
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Bind One

The perfect complement for your iMac if you use it together with the apple wireless keyboard and the magic mouse.


Bind Two

Thought for the fans of the magic trackpad, which together with the Apple wireless keyboard, do the perfect pair.

Discover all the possibilities

A product of design, created from the simplicity to accompany your iMac as it deserves.


Uniting the unseparable

As if they were parts of the same body, Bindtwo joins your wireless keyboard with the magic trackpad in one piece, keeping them perfectly fitted although easily separable. In the same way, Bindone joins your fantastic keyboard to your desktop.

A shelf in just one step

Easier impossible, just fitting the Bind at the back side of your iMac or Cinema Display, you will have a perfect shelf where you can keep your keyboard, trackpad or magic mouse with style. Moreover, you can also place on it your hard disk, usb, books...

Organise your desktop with design

Bind is thought to help you concentrate on what is really important on your desktop, keeping it organised with style.

Choose your favorite color

Six colours. You choose your style, we give the design.

An incredible packaging

We are determined to surprise you until the end. We have packed your Bind in a document holder, using as the caps two fantastic pencil pots. Now, there is no excuse, organise your desktop.

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